Bases for Series 77 figures
The "Series 77 Base" is carefully designed to match the heft and size of Series 77's 90mm figures, providing a rock-steady, attractive platform for the miniaturist's art. It is suitable for use for other figures as well. It is created with a milled edge to also provide positive, non-slip handling, and is created from two pieces of wood chosen for their grain, figure and deep, rich color.

Make your own "Series 77 Base" from the PDF plans available HERE.

At some point, the "Series 77 Base" will be a standard optional addition to the new Series 77 miniatures. In the meantime, a limited number of "Series 77 Bases" are available made of rare Hawaiian koa wood. The price is $16, plus shipping. We're experimenting with other fine woods as well.

The "Series 77 Base" will debut at the Anaheim IPMS Convention in late August, 2007. Assembled bases will be available at the convention, as well as assorted tops and bottoms so the miniaturist can mix-and-match the parts.
We find that the Andrea finished base APP06 is also a good fit for the standard 90mm figure. Early Series 77 figures used the crescent moon motif in a wide, flat base, right.