The Americans #907
Trooper Edward J. Carrigg
U.S. Dragoons, 1851

Corporal Carrigg stared pensively at the small pile
of stones holding up a stick. To most men this
insignificant feature on the vast Texas plain would
have meant nothing, but to an experienced
Indian fighter like Corporal Carrigg it meant the
passage of a hunting party of Commanchies.
Corporal Carrigg had been fighting Indians since the
2nd Regiment was first blooded in the Seminole war.
His experience ranged from the steamy Florida jungles
to the deserts of the Mexican southwest.
Now, his regiment was policing the edge of the
expanding American frontier. Spread out in
company-sized detachments, the 2nd Regiment of
Dragoons, Corporal Carrigg among them, carried the
law on the tips of their sabres throughout
the vast frontier.

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