The Americans #914
Captain James D. McGeachy
1st Infantry Division, Vietnam, 1966

173 more days … Captain McGeachy raised his hand to
halt the platoon for a five minute break. A chance to
lay down and forget the weight of the 80-pound pack
that tugged at his shoulders, or the ever-present smell
of rotting vegetation that was the jungle.
Capt. McGeachy had passed the "hump." He was on the
last six months of his tour, and this was his second tour.
In the five minutes of rest a thousand memories
swirled through his mind, only to be washed away
by the grim realities of leading his infantry company
on another endless sweep through the endless jungle
… but he'd leave it all … in 173 more days.

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This kit is not yet scheduled for new production.

Below, the figure by master painter Dennis Sienkiewicz

Below, the same figure interpreted by Richard J. Provencher, Jr.:
"I have been a huge fan of these figures since I was a teenager in high school, scanning every page of the old, out-of-publication Military Modeler magazine for Pat Bird's newest release.  As I recall, many of the figures were feature articles, some of which I still have to this day.
"This is the first figure I had purchased after many months of coveting this beautifully sculpted figure from Military Modeler advertisements.  I believe I had saved up some lawn-mowing money for this figure and had the local hobby shop special-order it for me back in the early '80s. 
To date the 'James D. McGeachy,' A/14 is one of my favorites and is still with me after just over 25 years. Surprisingly I enlisted in the military shortly after completing this figure where I went on to serve 21 years and retire.  I am now at home actively seeking out vintage Series 77 Miniatures and improving upon my painting skills once again..."