The Americans #916
Jerry C. Crandall
Mountain Man, 1830

Jerry Crandall squinted at the distant treeline, looking
for the faint flicker of motion or flash of color he knew
must be there. The hair on the back of his neck
told him that someone in the treeline was peering back
at him, but as yet, his unseen companion had not
revealed himself.
Jerry wasn't unduly worried, if his ready smile and
sign language wouldn't suffice, his rifle and tomahawk would.
In the twelve years since Jerry had left the "flat lands"
both smile and rifle had seen equal service
among the Crow, Blackfoot, and Arapaho with
whom Jerry lived, loved, and fought.
So Jerry, sixth sense tingling, mindful of both his scalp
and his horses went his own way ... as he always had.

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Painted by Guy Herrick

Painted by Doug Walker