The Americans #937
Sergeant Ronald C. Wehrman
Marine Corps, 1859

Sgt. Wehrman, ready to take roll call, stands looking
at his squad assembled in the quadrangle, Marine Barracks,
8th & I Streets, Washington, D.C. The year, 1859, is
almost gone; the wind is cold blowing up from the river,
but Ron remains warm in his newly issued overcoat.
During almost thirty years in the Corps Sgt. Wehrman
has seen action against the Seminoles in Florida,
stormed Chapultepec on 13 September 1847 and
recently returned from the action at Harpers Ferry
where he served with Lt. Col. Robert E. Lee.
Yes, Ron has had quite a career, and from all the
news and rumors, a new chapter is unfolding.

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