The Americans #944
Private Frederick Palmer
Marine Corps, 1950

In June-July of 1950 the North Korean Communist
offensive caused America to send over the 1st Marine Brigade,
leaving San Diego on 12 July 1950. The 1st Division
followed in August, and again the Marine Corps was
involved in opposing Eastern aggression.
One of the most famous chapters in the Corps' history
was that written of the "Reservoir Marines."
Advancing northward toward the Chosin Reservoir,
November 1950, the 1st Marine Division suddenly found
itself attacked and surrounded by thousands of
Chinese Communist Forces. Maj. Gen. Oliver P. Smith
rejected an offer by X Corps, U.S.A., for an aerial
Dunkirk and insisted on a fighting breakout taking all
dead, wounded, weapons, and gear.
"Retreat Hell!" It took thirteen sub-zero days to
fight seventy miles back to safety holding a
mobile 360 degree perimeter all the way.
Never have Americans shown greater courage and
endurance than the "Reservoir Marines."

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Painted by Noel Lawson
Painted by Dennis Sienkiewicz

Painted by Doug Walker