The Americans #947
Kevin W. Dunne
U.S. Infantry LRRP, 1970

The Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol concept (L.R.R.P.)
was a descendant of the Merrill Marauders of
World War II fame. Attached to a division Hq., the LRRPs
were to "look and not engage," although often
they set ambushes and captured prisoners.
Information returned from patrols was fed into
the intelligence gathering mosaic of division G-2
(intelligence). Our figure depicts an LRRP wearing
the favored tiger stripe camouflage pattern trousers
(locally tailor made) and holding his M-203,
an M-16 with a grenade launcher. Although olive drab
was the color of terry cloth towels, our trooper
has secured a dark colored one. He wears an ALICE
pack (rucksack) with frame removed, indicating
individuality and non-uniformity was commonplace
among LRRPs regarding clothing and, to
some extent, weapons.

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This kit is not yet scheduled for new production.

Painted by Bob Knee