The Americans #948
Iroquois Warrior

Our figure depicts a fierce Iroquois warrior,
most likely a charging Mohawk, giving his shrill war cry!
The word "Iroquois" does not designate a specific tribe,
as such, but identifies a confederation of five, later six,
tribes in the northeast section of the United States
(generally upper present-day New York).
The original confederation was comprised of the
Cayugas, Oneidas, Onondagas, Mohawks, Seneces
and later (1711-1712) the Tuscaroras. Mainly a
semi-sedentary, agriculturally oriented people,
the Iroquois nation was both feared and ferocious
yet highly developed socially and politically.
So powerful was this amalgamation of war-like tribes,
that it tipped the balance of power in the French and
Indian War as it allied itself with the British who went to
considerable length to maintain the friendship of the
tribes. For the most part the warrior shaved his head
and considerable tatooing and body deformation
(mainly ears) for trinket wearing was commonplace.

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