The Americans #950
Seaman Donald P. Arnot
China Station, 1927

"Open-door policy" in the international-relations sense
means powerful countries have equal opportunities to trade
with a developing nation, that is, to build a free-trade policy.
America started such a policy in China around the turn
of the century and as a result a variety of U.S. interests
and personnal soon were engaged in China along with
other nations. Recognizing the protection required of
persons, property, businesses and varied American interests,
our country supplied U.S. Navy gunboats manned by
naval personnel to patrol the various navigable bodies
of water in China. "Gunboat Diplomacy" is the thought
behind our figure which depicts a U.S. Navy seaman
as he would have looked aboard one of the numerous
navy gunboats cruising the Yangtze River responding
to an alert of danger to American businessmen.

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Below, by master painter Bob Knee