The Americans #919
Petty Officer Robert Santos,
U.S. Navy, 1864

Petty Officer Santos eyed with obvious suspicion the
low black deck of his new ship, a floating battery
christened the MONITOR and wished himself back on the
honest wooden decks of his beloved NORTH CAROLINA.
He wasn't at all sure about this, but when Lieutenant Worden
had asked him to volunteer to accompany his shipmates,
along with some men from the SABINE, Robert
had reluctantly agreed.
Change was not new to Robert. When he had first
entered the Navy, steam power was still in its infancy,
and in the ensuing years Robert, as well as the
old salts who remembered the stately frigates, had
adapted to the ships that could sail faster against the
wind than with it.
So maybe this new iron "cheesebox on a raft" would
prove a worthy capstone to a long and distinguished career.

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Painted by Guy Herrick and Dennis Sienkiewicz